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Hi! My name is Haru, and this is Obliviate, my TCG page. I've been playing kpop TCGs on and off since Heartchu times, but being honest i've never been really active. I'm not planning on joining any other TCGs for now, but i might in the future.

I got into korean music in late 2007, and i've been a single stan of Epik High and Beast until not long ago. Currently my ult groups are still Epik High and Highlight, but I've expanded my horizons (?) and I'm a hardcore WJSN stan, and I'm getting little by little into Monsta X as well.

It's not difficult to figure out my bias if you take a look at my page, but Yang Yoseob and Lee Yeoreum make me happy, while I'm constantly tormented by Son Juyeon, also known as Eunseo.

Other interests might include video games (I'm right now absorbed by Persona 5) and coffee, but my free time is pretty limited since I'm a full time biology student.

That being said, you can find me in:


Tiny Cosmic Carats